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Krzysztof E. Borowski

Ph.D.Student, KU Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literatures
Primary office:
Wescoe Hall
Room 2122
University of Kansas
1445 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045-7594



In his research, Krzysztof examines the intersections of language, identity, and ethnicity, both from linguistic and anthropological perspective. His research areas and interests fall into the broad category of socio cultural linguistics, encompassing (but not limited to) linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, discourse studies, and sociology of language. Ethnic identity, its construction and performance through linguistic and non-­linguistic means (both online and offline) is at the very core of his research agenda. He is especially interested in non­immigrant ethnic minorities and the way they construct and perform their identities. Looking at those issues, he investigates them through the lens of power relations, inequality, and nationalism.

Research Areas and Interests:

Socio-cultural linguistics (linguistic anthropology, socio linguistics, discourse analysis, language in society); ethnic identity studies; non­immigrant ethnic minorities in Europe; language and ethnicity, identity, the Internet; digital anthropology; regionalism; nationalism; Central and Eastern Europe​

Publications/ Papers/ Talks:

(2016) "Forging the Nation: National Discourse of Ethnic Minorities in Poland" (talk).  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MDCcdCIYjs

(2015) "Review: Elzbieta Kaczmarska and Motoki Nomachi, eds. Slavic and German in Contact: Studies from Areal and Contrastive Linguistics," Journal of Slavic Linguistics 23(2): 313-318 (with Alexandra Fisher) 

(2015) "Review: Virve-­Anneli Vihman and Kristiina Praakli, eds. Negotiating Linguistic Identity: Language and Belonging in Europe," Slavia Centralis, 2015/2: 105-107 (with Alexandra Fisher) DOI: 10.17161/1808.18777

(2015) "O jezyku literackim molizanskich Slowian," Poznanskie Studia Slawistyczne 8: 23-36. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14746/pss.2015.8.1

(2015) “Sociolinguistics and Language Policy of Silesian in Poland” (paper) 

(2015) “Silesia, Silesian, Silesians. The (Non­)Existing Problem of Poland” (talk).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk2lIZDlRfs

(2014) “Condemned to Extinction: Molise Slavic 100 Years Ago and Now,“ New Insights into Slavic Linguistics, Jacek Witkoś and Sylwester Jaworski (eds.): 51–58. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

(2014) “Hyphenated Identity. Molise Slavic and Burgenland Croatian as Examples of Ethnolinguistic Leveling” (paper) 

(2014) “What’s in a Name? Molise Croatian vs. Molise Slavic” (paper) 

(2013) “Mikrojęzyki słowiańskie a współczesna typologia języków,” Noviny Slawia 3: 3–6. http://www.novinyslawia.us.edu.pl/01_2013.pdf

(2013) “The Less, the Better? Molise Croatian and its Users 100 Years After Their Idiom’s Prophesized Extinction” (paper)

(2010) "Mikrojezyki slowiaÅ„skie a wspolczesna typologia jezykow" (paper)



KU’s Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies program is one of only 12 federally-funded national resource centers in the US
Only doctoral program in Slavic Languages and Literatures between the Mississippi and the West Coast
100% of graduate students in the Slavic program had funding in academic year 2012-13
KU's Libraries house over 500,000 volumes of Slavic books and electronic editions
Two of the department’s last four doctoral candidates have won a Fulbright grants to conduct dissertation research abroad